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Rally Together with Coach Alfred Reft

Video #1: Ball Control Movement

University of San Diego Associate Head Coach Alfred Reft is creating a series of outstanding At-Home Skills Training videos, which he is graciously sharing with North Country Region and our members!  

Coach Reft has an impressive volleyball resume as both a player and a coach.  He was a standout libero for Hawai'i and earned AVCA First-Team All-American honors along with Asics/Volleyball Magazine Defensive Player of the Year in 2005.  Following college, Reft played professionally in Montenegro, Portugal and France.  Internationally, he was a valued member of the USA Volleyball Men's National Team, where he has represented the United States in multiple matches over the years.

On the coaching side of volleyball, Coach Reft has been a member of the coaching staff of both the USA Volleyball Men's and Women's National Teams, as well as multiple Division I programs including Minnesota, Illinois and most recently the University of San Diego.  

Coach Reft brings years of high-level experience and competition to this series of videos.  Each video is a total workout, complete with instruction, demonstration, timed repetitions and even water breaks.  The first skills training workout in the series focuses on Ball Control Movement and is available on the North Country Region YouTube channel.  

Players, you will want to make these videos a part of your weekly #stayhome training regimen and share them with your teammates.  Coaches, do not miss the opportunity to pass this valuable training tool on to your players.  Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel, so you do not miss any future videos in this series.

A genuine "thank you" to Coach Reft for sharing this valuable series with North Country Region!

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