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Rally Together with a Wednesday Workout

It's time to get moving with a Wednesday Workout!  DePaul University Coach Marie Zidek has created a five day series of volleyball specific at-home workouts focusing on the upper body, lower body, core, shoulders and stabilization--all valuable for a competitive volleyball player!  The following workouts have been shared on the Art of Coaching Volleyball website: 

"Grab a coffee table or chair, a towel and some water, and let's get to work with this short but effective bodyweight strength and conditioning routine!  Marie Zidek leads you through a dynamic warmup to start the workout with squats, hip bridges, knee hugs, planks and jumping jacks."

"We'll start with a dynamic warm-up consisting of a few a few plyometrics to lubricate the muscles, spike the heart rate and warm up the joints.  Next, we'll work on a series of jumps using a surface to jump off of that will help teach your nervous system to absorb the load during jump landings."

"The Day 3 workout begins by activating the glutes, core, quads and hamstrings with glute bridges, side planks and light core work.  Then, Marie leads you through an at-home through an intense total body strength workout including a warm-up, a lower body circuit and an upper body circuit." 

"Marie Zidek leads you through a dynamic conditioning and agility workout that simulates many of the explosive footwork patterns used in volleyball.  Begin with a dynamic warm-up to warm up the body and then transitioning into agility movements including high skips, quick skips, and shuffle sequences."

"Marie Zidek put together a bonus workout for athletes to complete outside! There is no video to reference, but the workout plan provided should be all you need. Start off with a dynamic warm-up before the running section of the workout and working on some shoulder strength throwing exercises."

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Rally Together with a New Weekend Family Project!

TGIF!  Looking forward to the weekend, and no better way to spend the weekend than another fun family volleyball project!  Just like the last project we posted (a Setter Target), this rebound board will provide hours and hours of volleyball fun and valuable reps! 

The plans for this particular rebound board were created by engineer by day/volleyball dad by night and weekend, Greg Samson, who graciously agreed to share them with all of us!  These plans include diagrams and detailed instruction, making them easy to follow, and the board itself is made to last.  This is definitely a volleyball project worth investing time and effort into building.  
The rebound board can be used by one or more players as demonstrated in the videos below.  Using the board with the Setter Target is a great way to get setting reps off of a "live" ball - it's about as realistic as we can get right now!  

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Rally Together with a Weekend Family Project!

It's Friday which means the weekend is here - yay!  This weekend how about spending some time on a fun family project - building a setter target that will provide hours of volleyball practice while we #StayHome.  

I've heard a few great things about this particular target: 

Relatively simple and inexpensive to build on your ownTarget basket is adjustable to different heights and anglesNot too heavy to move and transport  Families who have used the below plans to create a target have tailored them to their specific needs - one following the plans exactly and one varying slightly the target shape and adding a net (see Hally's video above).  Both devices work well for their individual purposes.  
The plans are even simple enough for players to help build themselves with a little supervision!  
And here's the finished product in action . . . . 

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Rally Together with Coach Brigitte Greywater

Brigitte Greywater, Head Volleyball Coach at Valley City State University, shares excellent insight on Mental Health in today's Rally Together daily blog: 

Volleyball, The Unknown and Mental Health
Brigitte Greywater
April 21, 2020
Valley City State University
Head Volleyball Coach

As I write to you today, recognize I have been serving in a counselor role for the past eight years as well as head college volleyball coach. I just recently had the opportunity to change direction a little bit to only serve as a head college volleyball coach. That being said, mental health is important, and we should never “push it aside”.

Mental health should always be a priority; however, without our outlet of volleyball it may be haunting us more than ever. Volleyball is our positive coping mechanism. Volleyball was there on the bad days to distract us from emotional pain. And now, we were forced to take a break. It is not gone forever, but we need to figure out what we are going to do without it for awhil…